Rezultati završnog ispita radiologije na medicini 2018

Established in 2007, In the beginning site consist of lesson of professor Goran Nikolic from Medical faculty University of Montenegro. Presentation content are not organized as a material for exam preparation. There are the same as presentations from lectures and used as an reminders.

Now site, as you find, is amended by academic schedule in radiology for medical students and results of exam's.

Goran Nikolić was born 1951 in Niš.

Elementary and high school attended in Belgrade .

Graduated at the Medical Faculty University in Belgrade .

He specialized in radiology, participated master's and doctoral studies at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

He is professor of radiology at the Medical Faculty of the University of Montenegro.

Currently, hi is Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Montenegro.

He is a member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts .

He lives in Podgorica.

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Prof Goran Nikolic MD. Ph.D

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